An app to pass on your life story through AI based virtual conversation with future generations

New York – November, 2020 – The whoowe mobile app brings new life (and a new twist) to passing on your family history. The app begins with a list of pre-set questions about you that you can quickly answer in short selfie video clips. The user can review, redo, or save the clip to their profile and whoowe does the rest. Using voice recognition and artificial intelligence, whoowe creates a “Living Profile” that family, friends, and future generations can learn about their ancestors through a virtual video chat experience. Future family members simply open their loved one’s whoowe profile and start asking questions. The app matches their questions with the most appropriate answer and plays the response clip, as if on a video phone chat. This gives the viewer the most intimate and accurate way to learn about their ancestor beyond an actual face to face meeting. Users can also add their own family specific questions to the app along with any photos, video clips, or documents to create a comprehensive family history record and link to other family members around the world to create a virtual “Living Family Tree”.

The Inspiration behind whoowe

“After losing my wife to cancer, I regret that my grandchildren, who do not yet exist, will never get to know the wonderful woman that was their grandmother. Younger generations don’t care to look through photo albums and home videos anymore, so I decided to create a way for families to pass on the wisdom, knowledge, and essence of the unique people that made us possible in an engaging and entertaining way,”

– Dan Qualiano – founder

The whoowe mobile app is a freemium app, available through the App store and Google play. Free users get a fixed amount of pre-set questions, the ability to create up to 5 custom questions specific to their family, 2 family member connections worldwide, and 100Mb free cloud storage but can upgrade to whoowe premium for only $6.99 per month or $49.99 per year, unlocking all of whoowe’s features ad free, including over 150 questions to start with more being added regularly, unlimited custom questions, unlimited family connections, and 5 Gb cloud storage. Their account is encrypted and secured offline in case their phone is lost or broken and their whoowe profile can be passed on to a designated family to keep for future generations.

Whoowe LLC, the company behind the app is currently developing an additional AI deep learning integration that will learn about each individual user as they use the app and independently create new questions, specifically designed for that individual user, to add to their feed each week. The app will assist you in easily creating a detailed life story to pass on to your grandchildren and descendants beyond anything currently on the market.

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The whoowe mobile app was developed by Whoowe LLC, a web and mobile development company in Monroe, NY and founded in 2019

If you would like further information on whoowe or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Dan Qualiano, (845) 234-1575,, whoowe on Facebook