See how easy it is to whoowe

The whoowe Story

My name is Dan Qualiano.

In 2013, my wife Kimberly, 10 years younger than I and the healthiest member of our family was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She was an athletic, non smoker, health conscious, beautiful woman. We fought the disease with everything we had – chemotherapy, lifestyle changes, alternative therapies, ancient medicines, and anything else we could find that looked like it may help. Things were looking good for awhile but, unfortunately, we lost the battle in late 2017 and Kim was gone. I was now a single Dad with 2 young children.

Since that time, one of the greatest regrets I have is that my future grandchildren, Kim’s grandchildren, will never get to really know what a special woman their grandmother was, her sense of humor, mannerisms, strength, sometimes fiery and amazing personality. All the wonderful things that made her so unique and special.

This is true of most of us. Everyday, we allow a little more of our family history to disappear, and as a result, we lose something very important: our human connection with all those great, unique people that made us who we are . . . our foundation.

Sure . . . we can tell our children and grandchildren stories, show them photos and possibly a home video or two but let’s face it, younger generations are no longer interested in looking at photo albums, reading diaries or journals, or watching hours of home videos. Those are becoming obsolete.  Also, they really don’t teach us the true essence of our loved ones and ancestors. So . . . how do we engage future generations into caring about their past?

Introducing whoowe ( pronounced who-o-we).

whoowe let’s you create an automated voice controlled Q & A database of yourself that family, friends, and future generations can talk to, asking questions and hearing directly from you, as if in a video chat conversation. It gives them an artificial intelligence experience with the real life benefits of human intelligence. They will learn about their ancestors like nothing else can teach them.

Upload your family photos and important lineage documents to build a complete profile of yourself and link up with other relatives to create an amazing family tree that will live on forever.

So the question is . . . How will you be Remembered?

Why the Cardinal?

For over 18 years, I’ve lived in a small town in NY state. Our property, surrounded by woods, is home to many types of wildlife. In all those years, we’ve seen many types of animals and birds of many different colors come through but never the bright red cardinal.

In the spring following the loss of my wife, I was awakened one morning to the loud chirping of a bird just outside my bedroom window. It was so loud, it sounded like it was in the room. After listening for a while, I got up and went to the window. There, sitting on the deck railing was a beautiful cardinal. It stayed on that railing for almost an hour that morning and came back every morning that spring and summer. It prompted me to look up if there was a deeper meaning to it’s sudden appearance and I found out that the cardinal is seen as a sign of someone who has passed checking in on their loved ones.

Since then, the cardinal, which I’ve named “whoowe” has shown up each Spring for the last 3 years and is now part of the whoowe logo.